Kit List

Thank you for booking with Snowdon Hikes

With careful planning we can ensure we are minimising our risk on our adventure. Ensure your equipment is light but efficient with the necessary essentials required.

Suggestions for appropriate kit is below. Most items you will find in your wardrobe or you can borrow from friends. Please do check your own kit prior to arrival as you may have additional items you wish to bring.

Hiking Kit LIST

  • Suitable footwear for mountain terrain
  • Ruck Sack
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks.
  • Waterproofs - Trousers & Jacket
  • Waterproof socks / extra socks
  • Extra warm layers
  • Hat, gloves, neck buff
  • Hiking poles - If required
  • Any personal medication along with instructions
  • Sunrise / Sunset Hikes - Head TorchEnsure your head torch is fully charged with extra batteries

Caving & Mining Kit List

  • Clothing to hike in the mountains
  • Wellies
  • Extra warm layers Mines remain a chilly 8 degrees all year round.
  • Waterproofs - Trousers & JacketThere are water obstacles so it’s good to be prepared.
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks
  • Any personal medication along with instructions
  • All other safety equipment will be provided.

Climbing Kit List

  • Clothing to walk into the mountain terrain.
  • Flexible clothing or sportwear
  • Any personal medication along with instructions
  • Trainers or something good for climbing.The best shoes for climbing are specific rock climbing shoes, if you have these then great! Bring them. If not trainers are good and even school style pumps.
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