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We all need a breath of fresh air....

Why you should take your work outdoors

Feeling suffocated by the four walls of your office?

Trapping ourselves indoors at a desk has created what health experts call a “nature deficit disorder”

Most of us get up indoors, jump into our cars to drive to work. Park in an indoor carpark, walk indoors to our office and spend 12 hours at a desk. Finish work to return home to our once again, indoor space. The effect this has on our health is resulting in depression and anxiety from too little time spent outdoors and with nature.

Trapping ourselves indoors at a desk has created what health experts call a “nature deficit disorder”

Spending time outdoors gives your brain a boost, resulting in increased productivity, focus and creativity.

We know nature has found its way into the modern office but why don’t we take the office in to nature. Providing employees with an inspiring outdoor work area can truly make a difference and it can be easily achieved. 

Being outdoors not only does great wonders for your “office head” but studies have shown that it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and improving immune function.

Turning off the sensors that are involved in the stress response allows the higher brain centers to be accessed, resulting in increased concentration, improved memory, greater creativity and productivity and reduced mental fatigue.

Healthier employees means a healthier mind set, equalling in a healthier creative day.

I was extremely happy to hear corporate companies in London were introducing “Fresh Friday” in to their weekly schedule.

Hosting meetings outdoors is an easy way to get your daily dose of nature without taking a break from the job. Stimulating your natural senses and boosting your daily dose of Vitamin D. Nature has a calming effect on the mood and generates feel-good endorphins.

We host “Outdoor work spaces”. No need to dress up and carry your brief case. You can leave your wifi off and just bring yourself.

Feel relaxed with a gentle walk with nature, in mountain terrain to a wild location. With a gently positive meditation and stretch to kick start your brain storming. Experience wild cooking with colleagues and enjoy a taste of wild Wales.

By removing yourself from familiar office surroundings, you can literally step outside the box and feel free to brainstorm ideas. 

Contact us for bespoke packages to suit your Outdoor workspace needs.

Support your work force by incorporating the outdoors in to your working week.

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